Charter Organization Representative: Kevin Crumlish
 Email: kevin.crumlish@optonline.net

 Committee Chair: Mike Gaffney
 Email: jetblue48@aol.com

Treasurer/Webmaster: Mark Ivy
 Email: mivy22@yahoo.com

 Cubmaster: Rob Murray

 Email: sharkfin@optonline.net

Assistant Cubmaster: Erik Angiulo

Email: Erik.Angiulo@yahoo.com

 Pack Trainer: Mike Taheny

 Email: miketaheny@gmail.com 

 Committee Member: Luann Dunne

  Email: ludunne@verizon.net

Committee Member:  Mark & Nancy Mastroianni

Email: maestromgm@aol.com 

Committee Member: Donna Angiulo

 Email: donna.angiulo@yahoo.com

Committee Member: Laura Delanoy

 Email: ldelanoy@willkie.com  

 Blue & Gold Chair: Luann Dunne

 Email: ludunne@verizon.net

Pinewood Derby Chair: Rob Murray

Email: sharkfin@optonline.net

Community Service Chair:  Laura Delanoy

Email: ldelanoy@willkie.com



How to use the New Trip/tour permit is now available by following this link:



Useful Leader Links

Suffolk County Boy Scout Association: http://www.sccbsa.org/

Boy Scouts of America : www.Scouting.org

Cubmaster.org: http://www.cubmaster.org/

Sagitokos District: http://www.sagtikosbsa.org/sites/scouts/me.get?web.home

Boy Scout Insignia Guide: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/InsigniaGuide.aspx

Useful forms: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/forms.aspx

Boyslife: http://boyslife.org/

Order of the Arrow: http://www.oa-bsa.org/
Baiting Hollow Scout Camp: http://www.baitinghollowscoutcamp.org/
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