Battleship Cove


Allow about 4 hours drive time. Pack snack for the ride or get lunch before boarding.

Folks arriving early usually have to wait at the PT boats.

Your travel equipment should include a first-aid kit and a roadside emergency kit.

I will have a roster with names and cell phone numbers before Friday.


Saturday: 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

A parking lot attendant will direct you to a parking space in the Overnight Camping lot. Battleship Cove is not responsible for damaged or stolen vehicles. Please lock your car and take your keys.

With all of your camping gear, proceed to the check-in post at the PT boat building at the rear of the gift shop. When the museum closes to the general public, we ask campers to remain within the complex. Campers will be permitted into the parking lot only in the case of an emergency, so please bring everything you will need for the evening.

Every overnight camper will receive a wristband. Group leaders will receive packets with schedules, maps, boxed lunch tickets, and self-guided activities for their groups.

Overnight staff will escort campers to their bunking areas.

Sat Program Guide.pdf Sat Program Guide.pdf
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